Establishment of the Crime Control and Prevention District (CCPD)

The Aransas Pass Crime Control and Prevention District (CCPD) was established in 2009 following a vote by the citizens that live in the San Patricio County and Nueces County portions of Aransas Pass, Texas. The purpose of this vote was to increase the sale tax revenue by one-half of one percent making the Sales Tax 8.25. The law that regulates the CCPD is Local Government Code Chapter 363, Crime Control and Prevention Districts. The CCPD fiscal year is between October 1 through September 30th.  Today the CCPD annual budget is approximately $800,000.00.

The Purpose Behind Establishing the CCPD

The CCPD was established for the purpose of developing and financing all permissible projects prescribed by the Local Government Code. These projects are needed in order to help reduce crime rate and provide for staff, training, and tools, all of which is much needed for the City of Aransas Pass, Texas. The General Fund typically funds the police department budget. However, in Aransas Pass, the CCPD tax helps offset the police department budget, allowing General Fund dollars to be stretched further.

CCPD Operations, Today

The CCPD is a separate entity from the City of Aransas Pass. A Board of seven members appointed by the City Council prepare an annual budget for each fiscal year. This budget assists the police department while at the same time adding relief to the general fund. The CCPD board meets every second Thursday of each month, promptly at 6:30 pm. These meetings take place at City Hall, located at 600 W. Cleveland Blvd, Aransas Pass, Texas. The meetings are public and anyone is welcome to attend.

Programs Funded by the CCPD

The CCPD helps fund the costs for personnel, administration, expansion/enhancement, and capital improvement expenditures. Occassionally, specialized programs are also funded or capable of being funded by the CCPD. These programs may include community related crime prevention strategies such as block or neighborhood watch, school-police, home security inspection/alert, juvenile awareness, law enforcement training, and many other programs. (Section 363.151)

Funded Projects:


  1. Ballistic helmets for officers,
  2. Heavy, supplemental body armor for officers,
  3. APISD school resource officer,
  4. Three additional Patrolmen,
  5. Warrants Officer for the court,
  6. Code Enforcement officer,
  7. Animal Control officer,
  8. Multiple police vehicles,
  9. Primary bullet resistant vests for police,
  10. In-car camera systems,
  11. New police radios,
  12. Body worn camera systems and online data storage
  13. Firearms training equipment
  14. $325,000 towards technology upgrades
  15. 911 and police dispatch enhancements
  16. NextGEN 911 system
  17. Police GIS mapping improvements
  18. Mobile data terminals for police vehicles
  19. Dilapidated, crime-haven structure removal

Applications for program funding must be presented or recommended by an officer of the political subdivision that created the district or a department head of that political subdivision

Seeking Board Member Applicants!

If you are interested in joining the crime board, get your application on file. Members are chosen and appointed by the City Council when a vacancy arises or terms expire.
Crime Board Application