Computer Crimes

Computer Crime is a rapidly growing method criminals use to exploit their prey.  Commonly thought of as sexual predators online preying on children has transformed into many other types of crime.  Most common and predominate, identity theft and fraud crimes are most popular amungst criminals online.  From hacking into secure computer systems to phishing information from unsuspecting victims, identity thieves are able to capture valuable, and often, unprotected information from victims whom they then exploit online.  Victims of these sorts of crimes can spend months and thousands of dollars repairing the damage caused by these criminals.

Types of crimes observed online:

  • Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Fraud/ID Theft
  • Counterfeiting (money, software, etc.)
  • Phishing, Pharming, Spoofing
  • Pirating (music, movies, software, etc.)
  • Spying, illegal surveillance.

In this section we will provide you with information and helpful resources so you can learn how to recognize these types of crime and better protect yourself in the future.  If you find yourself a victim of any of these types of crimes, feel free to contact us at the Aransas Pass police department.