Spoofing Phishing and Pharming

Everyday that passes, more and more criminals are learning how to get online and commit crimes.  Thieves are one type of criminal that has profited well online.  Thieves use the following methods online to trick their victims into giving up sensitive information often used to exploit the victims for profit or criminal gain.  The following methods have been employed by online criminals to commit fraud and theft.

  1. Spoofing
  2. Phishing 
  3. Pharming
  4. Social Engineering

These crimes all deal with people trying to gain access into otherwise restricted areas or online accounts.  The primary reason for these efforts are typically for monetary gain.  Because the crimes are primarily performed online, it creates a challenge for law enforcement to catch and or prevent these criminals.  The best defense to these crimes, is knowledge and preparedness.  Please be sure to view the above links to familiarize yourself with these types of crimes, so you are able to recognize the signs and protect yourself both online and in society.

If you think you are a victim of crime utilizing one of these methods, please contact the police department and request to speak with one of our officers or detectives.