Synthetics and Bath Salts

Synthetic drugs are flooding the markets right now.  People looking for new ways to get high, as an alternattive to your typical illeagal narcotics listed in this section.  Manufactuers started putting out synthetic drugs that are similiar to marijuana and methamphetimines or crystal meth.  You might be familiar with some of these drugs when they were on the market before being outlawed by Texas and Federal law.  Those drugs included “mojo”, “cloud 9”, “k-2”, “vanilla sky”, ivory”, “spice”, and the list goes on.  When these synthetics came out, marketers purported uses for these items as a aroma odors or bath salts, when in reality they were wieghted in common illicit narcotic mesurements and costs were very simliar or more to the illegal substances they were trying to mimic.  Basiclly from our experience, these substances were never intended to be used for their feigned prescribed methods of use, they were serepetitious meant for recreational human consupmtion.


What people did not realize, is that these drugs were often found to be more dangerous then, for example, marijuana.  These drugs were chemically made up and in several cases, resulted in human death.  Local police agencies in San Patricio County also experienced an influx of illness and abuse from these substances.  Police found that these substances were readily accessible in local convenient stores and were also being made available  to children and teens.  The State of Texas and the Federal government immediately recognized the severety of these drugs and took rapid steps at outlawing them.

synthetic marijuanaThe most popular of the two (Synthetic Marijuana and Bath Salts) in South Texas proved to be the synthetic marijuana.  These synthetic cabinoids are more dangerous to humans upoin consumption than marijuana.  The effects of these drugs are also more potent and often lead to more dangerous types of behavior or human bodily functions than marijuana.  There were many locally dealt with in San Patricio County that had to receive medical treatment or ended up getting hospitalized for overdoses on the substance.

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Bath SaltsBath Salts are not as prevelent in South Texas, but are just as if not more dangerous than the synthetic marijuana.  Bath Salts are an altered form of meth.  Bath Salts share many of the effects of stimulants and methadmpthetinme.  There have been many reported cases where subjects on Bath Salts experience halluinations, altered reality, and act in totally bizzarre type manners.  Bath Salts have a very dangours effect on the body, causing many deaths during their short time of freedom from legislation.  Bath Salts can also lead its users to suicide.

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