Employee of the Quarter

On behalf of the Aransas Pass Police Department, I would like to introduce you to David Offalter.  David has been employed with the Aransas Pass Police Department since 2009.  David quickly became the dispatch supervisor in charge of emergency communications within the police department.  Emergency communications covers 911 emergencies for police, fire, and EMS.

More recently, David has taken on a new hat as the PD’s IT person, second to the City IT employee.  David has assisted the police department in leaping forward with technological advancements that have been recently put into place.  David has a natural love for technology and IT work and is a fast learner; I’d say he has a photographic memory.  David is truly a skilled and committed employee.

Not only has David been recognized by me [the chief], David was recently recognized by several of the PD staff hence earning him the recognition as Employee of the Quarter.  David epitomizes the level of professionalism and dedication the Aransas Pass Police Department strives to achieve in all her employees; thank you David!

Eric Blanchard
Chief of Police