Information Release

Information Release

Release Time: 5/24/13 @ 1:24pm Location: 2242 A-1 Hill Rd
Event: Warrant Service Event Time: 5/24/13 @ 9:08 am

This morning the Aransas Pass Police Department lead a raid on two trailers located at 2242 A-1 Hill Road.  Police were searching for a Mexican Mafia gang member Reynaldo Eliserio Flores who was responsible for robbing a female at gun point on Thursday 05/23/2013 around 7:30 a.m.

During the robbery, the female was assaulted at gun point.  The female recognized the suspect Reynaldo “Rey Rey” Eliserio Flores DOB 4/24/1986. After being robbed and assaulted, the female made her way for help and ultimately ended up in the hospital where police met up with her.

On the morning of 5/24/13 around 9:00 a.m., Aransas Pass Police with aid from the US Marshals service along with Texas DPS investigators and DPS airship support units converged on the two trailer homes located at 2242 A-1 Hill Road.  Immediately after arriving at the location, police learned that Reynaldo Flores was inside the main residence.  Reynaldo put up some resistance when confronted by the Marshal’s but was ultimately taken into custody without injury to himself and officers. Though this matter ended safely, Reynaldo later told officers had he been awake and prepared this matter would have ended a lot differently.

This raid represents the beginning of new initiative within the Aransas Pass PD. Based on crime stats, recent survey results, and the expressed concerns from several residents in and around Aransas Pass, we have commenced an agenda that will target known gang members, drug dealers, and violent criminals that perpetrate their crimes within our community. The criminal lifestyle and activity of gang members like Reynaldo Flores will not be tolerated and our efforts to combat such activities will be carried out with the cooperation and partnership of both federal and state agencies. Aransas Pass may have been the place for criminal gang members and drug dealers to rest their heads, but it is no more.