Open Letter from the Chief

Good afternoon, Aransas Pass. There isn’t a day that goes by without us receiving a complaint, or two, or three or more on this female, Debra Carter. In fact, Ms. Carter has worn out her welcome at just about every business in town because businesses report she is rude and foul-mouthed toward staff and customers, has discarded feces in the open or onto the floors of businesses, and constantly heckles patrons for money. Ms. Carter has previously informed our officers she can make in the hundreds doing what she does, and she uses that money to fund her heroin addiction.

Prior to resorting to criminal prosecution, we worked tirelessly to assist Ms. Carter by seeking hospital treatment and shelter at locations intended for such services. Additionally, we sought mental health services (though she is not a direct consumer), drug rehab services, and even the support of the Texas Department of Human Services to no avail. On most, if not all outside assistance requests, Ms. Carter chose to return to Aransas Pass and remain on the streets. As a result, businesses continue to ban her from their locations and call upon the criminal justice system to do its part as it relates to a series of trespass violations.

Since October of 2017, we have responded to several complaints against Ms. Carter, often multiple complaints a day. The following is a list of criminal charges filed or pending against Ms. Carter:

  • 01/24/2018 – Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
  • 01/17/2018 – Aggressive Panhandling
  • 01/26/2018 – Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
  • 02/24/2018 – Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
  • 08/19/2018 – Aggressive Panhandling
  • 08/27/2018 – Criminal Trespassing (County Charge)
  • 09/03/2018 – Criminal Trespassing (County Charge)
  • 08/30/2018 – Criminal Trespassing (County Charge)
  • 09/10/2018 – Criminal Trespassing (County Charge)
  • 09/14/2018 – Criminal Trespassing (County Charge)
  • 09/16/2018 – Criminal Trespassing (County Charge)
  • 09/17/2018 – Criminal Trespassing (County Charge)
  • 09/17/2018 – Criminal Trespassing (County Charge)
  • 09/19/2018 – Criminal Trespassing (County Charge)
  • 10/01/2018 – Criminal Trespassing (County Charge)
  • 10/05/2018 – Criminal Trespassing (County Charge)
  • 10/10/2018 – Criminal Trespassing (County Charge)

Ms. Carter is currently wanted out of San Patricio County on County criminal charges for failing to show up to court for her trespass violations. However, the San Patricio County Sheriff’s Office and jail refuse to arrest or even accept her into their facility, and therefore, the wheels of the criminal justice system have stopped.

Local residents and business owners have contacted me directly seeking solutions to the harassment and unkempt conditions Ms. Carter causes them and their patrons. My only recommendation is that you reach out to the County Commissioners in San Patricio County, Sheriff Leroy Moody, or even Judge Elizabeth Welborn since her warrant remains valid yet unserved. Additionally, you could attend one of the upcoming County Commissioner meetings. Meetings take place each Monday at 8 am and citizens can comment during public comment. Unless these charges are appropriately addressed at the County level, there is simply nothing more we here within the Aransas Pass police department can offer.

Should you have any questions, comments, concerns, or constructive suggestions let me hear them. Feel free to reach out to me directly in person at 600 Cleveland Blvd., Aransas Pass, Texas or by calling into 361-758-5224.

– Chief Blanchard.