Recent Arrests

Recent Arrests – The following arrests were made between April 12, 2015 and April 30, 2015.

In an effort to be more efficient and regular with publishing arrest information, we have changed the way we share arrests. From this point forward, we will publish monthly arrest logs towards the beginning of each month.

Those arrested by the Aransas Pass Police Department are presumed innocent until their case has been disposed of by the courts. We share the information to keep the public informed and aware of the activities taking place both within the community and the Police Department.

*** UPDATE: We’ve heard your plea and have decided to continue highlighting certain arrests by posting mugshots. We will continue to do so in future publications, just as we had been doing.


Complete Arrest Log

Arrest#PoliceNumDay/Date/TimeCharges  ClassNameRace
214961500007758Sun 4/12/15 4:19 AMASSAULT FAM/HOUSE MEM IMPEDE BREATH/CIRCULATFelony 3Lorraine MunozH/F235’0”/110lbs
214971500007765Sun 4/12/15 1:49 PMPOSS CS PG 1 >=1G<4GFelony 3Gerald SheddW/M575’10”/155lbs
204071500007787Sun 4/12/15 9:47 PMDRIVING W/LIC INV W/PREV CONV/SUSP/W/O FIN RESClass BAnthony RayfordB/M336’0”/215lbs
214991500007788Sun 4/12/15 10:28 PMPOSS CS PG 1 >=4G<200GFelony 2Billy PeacockU/M435’5”/165lbs
215001500007855Mon 4/13/15 4:31 PMPOSS CS PG 2-A > 2OZ <= 4OZClass AChristopher LarsonH/M256’3”/165lbs
215011500007860Mon 4/13/15 6:04 PMDRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED 2NDClass ASusie BoulangerW/F795’5”/165lbs
214411500007867Mon 4/13/15 7:54 PMASSAULT – FAMILY VIOLENCEClass CJoseph GarnettH/M285’5”/140lbs
215031500007867Mon 4/13/15 8:02 PMASSAULT – FAMILY VIOLENCEClass CAngel VerchotaW/F395’3”/138lbs
215041500007899Tue 4/14/15 1:53 AMDRIVING WHILE INTOXICATEDClass BLesley FlowersW/M625’7”/200lbs
215051500007951Tue 4/14/15 8:06 PMCRIMINAL MISCHIEF >=$50<$500Class BSteven WhiteW/M325’7”/200lbs
215061500007971Wed 4/15/15 12:38 AMDRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE BY MINORClass CJorge CharlesH/M180’0”/0lbs
215071500008028Wed 4/15/15 10:35 PMDRIVING WHILE INTOXICATEDClass BClyde PriceW/M245’11”/150lbs
212891500008044Thu 4/16/15 3:38 AMWarrant ArrestClass CQuinton SmithH/M175’9”/161lbs
215091500008076Thu 4/16/15 4:01 PMWarrant ArrestClass CSteven HuntW/M295’10”/180lbs
205411500008112Fri 4/17/15 1:22 AMBURGLARY OF HABITATIONFelony 3Dustin HallW/M225’10”/150lbs
213161500008037Fri 4/17/15 3:52 PMSEX OFFENDERS DUTY TO REGISTER LIFE/ANNUALLYFelony 3Michael FollowellW/M445’7”/225lbs
215121500008264Sat 4/18/15 10:48 PMDRIVING WHILE INTOXICATEDClass BDavid JohnU/M435’10”/172lbs
215131500008269Sun 4/19/15 12:19 AMPublic IntoxicationClass CRaymond LopezH/M225’8”/210lbs
215141500008280Sun 4/19/15 2:11 AMDRIVING WHILE INTOXICATEDClass BClay WhitesW/M226’0”/185lbs
215151500008284Sun 4/19/15 2:59 AMSILENT ABUSIVE CALL/ELECTR COMM TO 911 SERVICEClass BTimothy WoodW/M455’8”/180lbs
215161500008391Mon 4/20/15 9:43 PMWarrant ArrestClass CAndres SaavedraH/M305’9”/195lbs
200491500008402Mon 4/20/15 11:24 PMDRIVING WHILE INTOXICATEDClass BAustin SansomW/M236’2”/190lbs
213091500008409Tue 4/21/15 1:15 AMPOSS CS PG 1 <1GSJFAmber KarwedskyW/F365’7”/130lbs
215191500008457Tue 4/21/15 9:28 PMWarrant ArrestClass CSavanah RiveraH/F304’11”/136lbs
215201500008492Wed 4/22/15 3:32 AMWarrant Arrest MisdemeanorClass BFrank HimeW/M465’6”/190lbs
3955571500008553Wed 4/22/15 11:30 PMFORGERY GOVT/NATIONAL INST/MONEY/SECURITYFelony 3Jordan LuskW/M266’2”/205lbs
215221500008600Thu 4/23/15 9:38 AMWarrant ArrestClass CTracy CurbyW/F325’2”/11lbs
215231500008638Fri 4/24/15 1:00 AMPublic IntoxicationClass CJoseph KillipW/M405’9”/0lbs
206811500008671Fri 4/24/15 3:38 PMWarrant ArrestClass CBrandon MartinW/M316’2”/240lbs
215251500008696Fri 4/24/15 9:17 PMWarrant Arrest MisdemeanorClass BDanell LarewW/F305’4”/155lbs
215261500008760Sat 4/25/15 5:39 PMDRIVING W/LIC INV W/PREV CONV/SUSP/W/O FIN RESClass BJacob BlancoH/M305’7”/230lbs
215271500008770Sat 4/25/15 9:06 PMWarrant ArrestClass CHeather ApplewhiteW/F285’5”/130lbs
215281500008804Sun 4/26/15 4:12 AMDOC FIGHTING WITH ANOTHERClass CNoel ArzolaH/M335’5”/145lbs
205491500008804Sun 4/26/15 4:34 AMDOC FIGHTING WITH ANOTHERClass CLisa KeithW/F315’8”/195lbs
215301500008839Sun 4/26/15 8:51 PMWarrant ArrestClass CPolly BrowningU/F465’4”/163lbs
200081500008846Sun 4/26/15 10:48 PMASSAULT – FAMILY VIOLENCEClass CDavid  BenavidasH/M315’5”/195lbs
212891500008052Mon 4/27/15 12:57 AMTHEFT PROP>=$50<$500Class BQuinton SmithH/M175’9”/161lbs
214411500008901Mon 4/27/15 6:01 PMPublic IntoxicationClass CJoseph GarnettH/M285’5”/140lbs
208811500009924Tue 4/28/15 2:49 AMWarrant ArrestClass CLeticha GomezH/F385’3”/105lbs
215351500009054Thu 4/30/15 12:44 AMWarrant ArrestClass CNathan HinojosaH/M375’6”/185lbs
202401500009058Thu 4/30/15 1:58 AMWarrant ArrestClass CSelena CantuH/F195’3”/140lbs
215371500009073Thu 4/30/15 10:04 AMWarrant ArrestNon-ReportableJamarcus PaleyB/M225’8”/150lbs
215381500009086Thu 4/30/15 3:11 PMWarrant ArrestClass CSteven ShipmanW/M375’11”/180lbs
213361500009102Thu 4/30/15 8:12 PMWarrant ArrestClass CAndrew FernandezH/M226’4”/180lbs

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