Animal Control Fees

The following fee schedule was established by Animal Control Services and adopted by the City Council.


$10.00 flat rate for impoundment – ($25.00 Repeat Offenders)
$4.00 per day housing fee (Vaccinated and current tag/or microchipped)
$8.00 per day housing fee (Unvaccinated or non‐current tag/no microchip)
Microchipping fees apply to non‐microchipped animals
Going rate or voucher fee for Rabies vaccination
Medical Costs, if incurred while housing the animal.


$15.00 per animal regardless of age
$8.00 microchipping fee (waives first year tag fee)
Competitive rate for alteration and shots (re‐evaluated biannually)

City License

$2.00 microchipped animal
$5.00 altered animal
$10.00 unaltered animal

Microchipping Service *for Residents

*includes first year of tag fees.

$10.00 altered animal (Proof Required)
$20.00 unaltered animal