Aransas Pass Criminal Investigations Division(CID) is lead by Captain Kyle Rhodes.  Capt. Kyle Rhodes has been with the Aransas Pass Police Department since 2003.  He was a patrol Sergeant for two years and has been a Detective Sergeant for three years. He has a Master peace officer certificate from TCLEOSE and is also a TCLEOSE instructor. Kyle has an extensive martial arts background and is a certified defensive tactics instructor. Capt. Rhodes also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal justice.

There are a total of six detectives in CID. Four detectives are assigned to general investigations which includes all crimes assigned to the division through cases taken in by patrol. Two detectives are on special assignment with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). These detectives combat drug related crimes on a larger scale, helping to cut down on the amount of drugs that make it into Texas. The DEA assignment also assists the Police Department through federal asset forfeiture and seizures. The funds from these seizures help fund large projects inside the PD which directly affect the level of service we are able to provide our community.

Our in-house detectives serve as the departments life-line when it comes to pursuit and prosecution of criminals. These detectives investigate all class B and A misdemeanor and all felony crimes, non-patrol/traffic related, reported to the PD. Types of crimes actively being investigated include:

  • Sex Crimes,
  • Crimes Against Persons/Property,
  • Gang Crimes,
  • Drug Crimes,
  • Fraud Crimes,

Cold Cases