To ensure both public and emergency personnel have the resources needed to maintain the highest level of safety that can be provided. Telecommunication Officers are the life line for our citizens and our emergency personnel.”

Aransas Pass Telecommunication Officers(TCOs) are responsible for getting information from our citizens to ensure our emergency services have what they need to protect and serve our community. Our TCOs are a highly trained to handle the stressful nature that comes with being the first point of contact during an emergency. We look for personnel that are able to multitask and make important decisions required to ensure safety of our community. Our city is a Tri-County community with a large area of responsibility. The City of Aransas Pass dispatches for Police, Fire and Tri-County EMS. Tri-County EMS responds to the City of Aransas Pass, Ingleside, Ingleside on the Bay, Gregory, Tradewinds and the areas in between. Currently there are 7 TCOs including the Dispatch Supervisor and one Senior Dispatcher. The Dispatch center operates 24 hours a day.